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Hands up who thinks planning a wedding is stressful?!

Perhaps the idea of standing in front of your nearest & dearest, declaring your UNDYING LOVE sends SHIVERS of ANXIETY down your spine..?!

Or perhaps what starts off as a DREAM for a perfectly ‘SIMPLE’, perfectly ‘YOU’ Ceremony, is spinning OUT OF CONTROL into something HUGE, that leaves you pleasing everyone… EXCEPT Yourselves..?!

Well Friends. Please KNOW THIS…


So, if Walking Down the Aisle is making you ANXIOUS, and keeping the ‘Family Peace’ is filling you with FEAR… It sounds like you need to DOWNLOAD my LATEST FREE e-guide to Help you on your Journey!



I acknowledge all traditional custodians of the land on which I live & work.   I pay my respects to the ancient bloodlines that have tended this land & I honour their leaders; past & present.


Let’s make magic happen!

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