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To include them or not to include them?
That is the Question…


Personally, I LOVE them.

Sometimes we know exactly what we want to say, but we just can’t find the right words.

And there are so many seasoned writers, poets and song writers out there who are just so darn good at the bringing together of words to create a good FEELING, that I tend to believe in them! Considering our objective is to create a ceremony that allows both you, and your guests to FEEL awesome, I think a good reading can honestly be the icing on the cake.

They are also a fabulous way of involving your friends and family in your day.  If you’re feeling trusting, allow a loved one to choose something for you as a surprise and let them share it with you on the day as a special gift. Or pick something with your partner that has truly moved you – Song lyrics from your favourite love song, a poem that made your heart expand, a single, meaningful quotation, or an excerpt from a story that has stayed with you for all the right reasons.

That being said, don’t pick something just for the sake of it..! That’s when it’s in danger of becoming corny. BUT, if it speaks to your soul, then it’s perfect.

If you want to include a reading but you’re just not sure where to begin searching – that’s where I come in! When you book in with me initially, you’ll receive a copy of my e-book, ‘Celebrating Love’, which is an ever-growing, ever-evolving book full of ideas and inspiration for readings, songs and more.

“If I know what Love is, it is because of you.”

– Herman Hesse


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